Sarina is a fully qualified therapist, who lives and works in the South of England. She loves travelling and exploring the world. She says that in another lifetime or if she were choosing a new career today, she would be a geologist and go digging for gems in exotic locations around the world. Although she adores the subject of recovery, the mind and the complexities of addiction, there is something to be said for losing oneself in the earth and collecting beautiful gemstones. A metaphorical idea perhaps, about the process of therapy and recovery.

Author's books

Twisted Wires
by Skeezax
This book sheds some excellent light on how addiction hides itself within our society and even within individuals themselves. Vast amounts of information for such an easy to pick up and read release...


Twisted Wires refers to the crazy mixed up world of addiction. Twisted thinking and behaviour and attitudes abound about this subject. Surely in this day and age we could have a more cohesive attitude about it all? If this were to happen, maybe, just maybe we could have a better way of treating the problem, or detecting it before it became a problem. You have to agree the statistics about this disease are devastating, to live with it or to love someone who has it is the most perplexing thing...

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The book cover of Twisted Wires

Sarina Wheatman appeared in a Radio Interview

Sarina Wheatman is a qualified therapist, living and working in the South England.

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