Five Minutes with George Roberts - 'My experience as an author so far'

George Roberts shares his experience as an author, his writing process and the truth behind his 5* YA book, 'From Ten Down To Three'. 

Dyslexia and becoming an author

If you’re dyslexic, then you, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Henry Winkler and Orlando Bloom can all officially high-five each other.

Before the first dictionary was written by Samuel Johnson, nobody was dyslexic, there wasn’t such a word. In fact, we spelt rather imaginatively.
Shakespeare hardly spelt the same word twice and a lot of his work, apparently, was written down for him.


STOP EVERYTHING!... Well, keep writing.

Here at Austin Macauley, we’re widely known as Hybrid Publisher.
This means we offer both Traditional and Contributory (or Partnership, as it’s sometimes known) contracts and while we would LOVE to be able to offer everyone a Traditional contract, it’s not always possible.

"Basically a Children's book with a bit of Horror...and some Poetry thrown in" - Why Choosing the right Genre is Essential
"Basically a Children's book with a bit of Horror...and some Poetry thrown in" - Why Choosing the right Genre is Essential
Life's Literary Milestones

Life's Literary Milestones - Books to take you through the roller-coaster than is life.

Q&A with Jillian Manning - Contributing Editor for 'Independent Publisher'

We recently caught up with the lovely Jillian Manning for a quick Q&A about the fabulous world of book publishing.

Lee Kenneth Prior Discusses All Things 'Bookish'

Lee Kenneth Prior, author of 'Sepulchre: Shadow of the Siren', discusses all things 'bookish'

The Truth Behind the Lies – The SFWA

The Truth Behind the Lies – The SFWA. Are these the people whose opinion you may have trusted?

Feeding Cats and Writing - A Guest Post From Sharon Cracknell

"Your Mum is not well at all...she is having an emergency brain scan".  This was the email my Dad had sent to me desperately trying to get in touch with me.  I was oblivious and happily travelling in West Africa with no phone or computer to be contacted on.  As you can imagine, Internet cafes haven't yet reached Guinea Bissau or Côte d'Ivoire.  When we reached Accra in Ghana, a lovely couple I had met, Lynn and David who lived in the Blue Mountains in Australia, kindly let me borrow their computer to check my inbox. 


Books vs. Movies

The timeless art of literature battles against the arguably unmatched cinematic experience. A battle of the ages lies between the discussion between books and movies. Which truly is better?

The Sicilian Favour!

Useful Tips and Advice from Peter Oredsson, author of 'The Sicilian Favour!', for Aspiring Authors. 

We are Feeling the Love

Read what the authors of Austin Macauley have to say about the publisher they believe in.

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