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2 Aug 11:00

Simon Adepetun, author of 'The Bee Hive', will be at the National Playday in Torkington Park on Wednesday 2nd August. National Playday is an all inclusive play event with face painting, arts and crafts, sports and refreshments.

Simon will be reading from his book and will also be available to answer any questions. 

The day is being run by the charity Action for Sick Children. Find out more about the charity here.

Join Simon for an excellent day to support a wonderful cause. 


Eleven-year-old Daniel Jeremiah Chambers has parents Philip and Susan who love work and shopping and who just don't listen. Daniel is an only child ... no, he's lying ... he has a sister, Alice, who has a dolly fixation; Dan is sure she is an alien.

So, Dan has a few problems, none insurmountable, until his friend, Benji, introduces him to the find of the century - a derelict bee hive which could become a den. Of course, such a simple thing is never so simple and when Dan finds a map well, all kinds of things just go horribly wrong. For example - Alice noses her nosey way in and two strange men suddenly turn up wanting what's theirs - and then there's the bank, too.

'The Beehive' by Simon Adepetun is a tight little sharp-witted bumble through a short period in Dan's young life. ‘What's a bumble?' - ‘Shut up, Alice!'

Event Address: 

5 Aug 9:30

Join Robin Driscoll, author of 'Rough Music', at the East Grinstead Bookshop on the 5th August.

Robin will be available to answer questions about his book and sign your own copy.

25 million missing. A Russian hitman getting closer. And an oddly elusive blue-tailed falcon.

Rab MacBain is in trouble. He's stolen money from the Russian mob, his girlfriend is apparently sleeping with his boss... and there's Stink Bug, a hitman, who is seeking to acquaint the Scottish-American banker with his Russian-made weapon. Returning to his birthplace on the remote Scottish island of Garg, Rab unravels his own family mystery before gaining the trust - and the support - of the locals. But what will happen when his past life laps at the shore of his new home? And can his new plans really help to save the island and himself?

Robin Driscoll, of Alas Smith and Jones and the Mr Bean series of films and animations, brings his own sense of zany humour to his first novel, 'Rough Music', a veritable mash-up of City bankers and salty-dogs with a hint of Russian thrown in for taste.

"A cracking breathless plot with every sentence stiletto-heel sharp and witty." Richard Curtis, writer of Blackadder and Love Actually.

"A subtle, slick, swift-moving journey into the sinister shadowlands of finance and corruption. [...] moves so easily between different worlds, be it nature's wilderness or the more dangerous badlands of our cities." Paul Doherty OBE, author of the Brother Athelstan and Hugh Corbett mystery novels.

Event Address: 
Tudor House, 22 High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3AW

12 Aug 10:00

Robert J. Marsters is attending the North Wales Faery Festival in August 2017. The family festival will take place from the 12th-13th of August, where the author will be there to discuss his fantasy book, 'The Ascension of Karrak'.

Event Address: 
Pafiliwn Llangollen Pavilion Abbey Road Llangollen LL20 8SW

12 Aug 12:00

The fantastic husband-wife duo, Karen and David Levy, will be at Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road on 12th August at 12-2pm signing copies of their magical children's book, 'The Kingdom of Puli'. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get your copy signed by the authors!

Event Address: 
19-21 Tottenham Court Rd, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1BJ

13 Aug 14:00

G.B. Gurland, author of 'The Secret Files of Phineas Foster', will be attending East Hampton Library Children's Book Fair on Sunday 13th August.

The Children's Book Fair is a free event that will be running from 2pm until 5:30pm.

The Children’s Fair features wonderful carnival rides and games, a book fair with children’s book authors signing their books, a raffle with terrific prizes, book-themed crafts, performers, community information booths, and delicious treats.

To find out more about the event, click here.

'The Secret files of Phineas Foster' -

Almost thirteen-year-old Gabriel Marx struggles with just about everything, from school, to relationships, to navigating between his divorced parents. He arrives in New York City for his annual summer visit with his attorney father who finds himself caught up in the mystery surrounding the murder of one of his clients. It is not long before Gabe finds himself smack in the middle of the intrigue and more determined than ever to prove himself to his dad.

Gabe encounters various players in the unraveling mystery, learns to trust the friendship of eleven-year-old Alex, and that of the renowned, but now discredited, Professor Phineas Foster. Twists and turns and seeming coincidences reveal previously unknown family history and harrowing choices for Gabe.

Will the children solve the murder? Will their determination lead to the truth? Will the professor be vindicated? Will the scoundrels who sought to corrupt the professor's lifelong work be brought to justice?

Event Address: 
159 Main Street East Hampton, NY 11937

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