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7 Nov 14:30

Two time AMP author, David McCaddon will be at Congleton Library on Tuesday 7th November from 2:30pm. Come meet David and quiz him on all your book based questions and grab yourself a signed copy of his two books - 'In Digital Pursuit' and 'Following Digital Footprints'.

'Following Digital Footprints'

Following digital footprints is a detective story with a difference. Different sections of a police force are investigating cases of hire car theft, credit card fraud and identity theft using traditional methods supported by ever more sophisticated IT systems. The criminals, meanwhile, become increasingly greedy but appear to be committing their crimes under the radar. The suspense builds, as the police build their case methodically and with the occasional element of luck. There are several twists and turns as the plot races towards a conclusion, and the reader can only wait and see whether the police or the criminals will succeed.

David McCaddon has written an enthralling whodunnit by drawing on his many years of experience in law enforcement systems development working with police forces worldwide. The technical details are described with a light touch and this adds to the enjoyment of the novel. A satisfying read.

'In Digital Pursuit'

Digital Pursuit continues the story of criminal Tim Ridgway, first encountered in Following Digital Footprints. Tim has now been sentenced to ten years for his credit card and identity theft crimes and is taken to HMP Dinas Bay in Wales to serve his sentence.

Ever one to use his skills to his own advantage, Tim sets about planning his escape, whilst at the same time the authorities get wind of something big going down in the prison. Midshire Police set up an investigation and follow up various leads, putting two and two together and, in an entertaining fashion, not always coming up with four.

This is another enjoyable book from David McCaddon, in which the reader can become re-acquainted with old friends from Midshire Police and follow the threads of the plot which twist and turn in a satisfying manner.

Event Address: 
Market Square, Congleton CW12 1ET

8 Nov 17:30

Stuart Rees, author of 'A Lover's Country', will be at Nowra Library on Wednesday 8th November at 5:30pm. 

Stuart will be giving a reading and taking part in a Q&A session. You might even be able to grab yourself a signed copy of the book.

In the course of their passionate relationship, Tom Markson and his much younger Jewish lover Naomi Branath support a Palestinian leader, Fadeela Qubra who has been awarded an international prize for peace and who knows the details of a murder and a massacre. Fierce opponents of Dr. Qubra want her story suppressed and the award to her cancelled. Tom and Naomi find the courage and the stamina to resist the opposition and eventually enable Fadeela to leave Ramallah, fly to Australia to tell her story and receive her award. Despite death threats and opposition from powerful lobbies, human rights are upheld, love triumphs and the story is told.

Told with a compelling immediacy, 'A Lover's Country' sheds light on the intrigue, struggle and behind-the-scenes wrangling associated with the nomination of a Palestinian woman as the recipient of a major peace prize. With a cast of memorable characters, a tightly crafted plot and touches of memorable poetry, A Lover's Country is an illuminating tale of justice with a hard won message of hope. In particular it is a must-read for anyone interested in the current plight of the Palestinians, Arab Israeli relations, and the presentation of these questions by the Western media. - William Lane Author of the highly acclaimed novels, Over the Water and The Horses

This is a beautifully written and engaging story. It traces the kind of love that can only develop when people fight for the rights of others and never waver despite incessant and dangerous opposition. In events set largely in San Francisco, London, Sydney, Jerusalem, and Ramallah, that opposition includes powerful politicians and a compliant media who try to stifle accounts of a murder and a massacre. In spite of the pressures which confront them, the leading characters weather the storms and show how courage defeats compromise, principle overcomes pragmatism and how the passion of gutsy individuals lives up to the ideals of 'A Lover's Country'. - Adam Courtenay Author of the dramatic, revealing history Amazon Men

Event Address: 
Nowra Library, 10 Berry St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia

11 Nov 10:00

Join author Richard Bloss and the main man himself, Barney the dog, at Waterstones on Plymouth New Street on 11th November 2017.

Richard, author of 'About a Dog', will be available to sign copies of the book and answer any questions you might have.

‘Barney the dog is a Westie crossed with a Cairn terrier.' More than that, Barney is, for Richard Bloss, ‘...a dishevelled scrap with his own distinct personality and character.'

In 'About a Dog' Richard Bloss describes the adventure of owning a dog: the relationship with Boh the cat, the desperate need for chewsticks, the joy of walkies and the fear when cute little Barney goes walkies all on his own in next door's garden. 

Delightfully illustrated and written with charming comedy, 'About a Dog' will be familiar territory for dog lovers; showing the trials and tribulations - but more importantly, the joy - of owning a rapid-moving, sentient ball of fur.

Event Address: 
65 New George St, Plymouth PL1 1RJ

20 Nov 13:15

Gloriously returning as a guest speaker, P&O Oceana hosting Carole Phillips, author of the incredible 'Blue Line - Pink Thread' on Cruise E722.

'Blue Line - Pink Thread' provides a fascinating insight into life in the police service from 1969 through to 2000.
Carole Phillips recounts true stories of her time as a female officer in Bedfordshire Police before equal opportunities and political correctness, the integration of women into front-line services and her journey through the ranks to Superintendent.
Carole writes with humour and sincerity to deliver numerous fascinating accounts, including those of her time as a detective and as the first female patrol sergeant.
2015 marks one hundred years of British women in policing and ‘Blue Line - Pink Thread' is not only an excellent read, but makes a significant contribution to the social history of that period.

20 Nov 14:00

Join Michael J. Alwood at Faulkner library this fantastic November Monday afternoon to listen to a talk from the author behind the incredible 'A Customary Dilemma', where you can also join him for a meet and greet after his talk.

Michael Costello is just an ordinary man but when he takes a new job in the UK's Customs Drug Intelligence Unit he does not realise that his life is about to be turned upside down.
Shortly after starting his new job Michael is involved in a murder investigation which takes him away from his family and his home, immersing him in the shady underground world of the drug cartel. The deeper Michael delves into this world the more dangerous things become for both him and those around him.

Event Address: 
City of Belmont, 215 Wright Street, Cloverdale, WA 6105

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