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26 Apr 19:00

J. D. Taylor, will be in attendance at the Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch, Alexandria Library for a book discussion of ‘Beauregard: Canine Warrior’.

The book talk is the perfect addition to the campaign, ‘All Alexandria Reads Initiative’, which is honoring dog heroes this year.

The book revolves around Beauregard, a loyal Doberman Pinscher who is both brave and intelligent. He is part of an army unit that is inside Vietnam for a mission. The dog alerts the unit of incoming danger but they don’t pay any heed to the warnings, and end up paying the price.

The story shows how important military dogs are when they are performing their duties. They put their lives in danger to keep their handlers and units safe.

The author has spent time in the army and that shows in his style of writing, which is authentic in every way.

Event Address: 
Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch , Alexandria Library

28 Apr 3:00

Pauline Gibb will be at the Chaples on Whatley in Maylands for the launch and signing of her book ‘Kiki – Perfectly Imperfect’ in April.

Get the chance to meet the author and enjoy drinks and music.

Attendees will also be able to buy Kiki soft toys and they will also leave with a thank you present from Kiki.

The tale begins from Nishinari, which is a poor district in Japan. This is where Kiki the mouse lives. One day his mother allows him and his siblings to go out and explore the world.

He learns a lot of lessons in this single excursion and ends up on a ship to Australia.

The writing contains the author’s quick wit and quirky sense of humor. Writing has been her interest for the longest time and this is her first novel, published by Austin Macauley Publishers.


Event Address: 
Chapels on Whatley in Maylands

29 Apr 14:00

The author of ‘Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485’, Harry J. Tomkinson, will be at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Country Park, Leicestershire, UK in April.

He will read an excerpt from his book and take everyone in attendance to 1485, to a snapshot of “Wars of the Roses”.

We visit England at an important moment in history when Edward IV, King of England has died and his brother Richard III has been named the Protector of England. But he has challengers in the form of Edward V and Richard of York.

All of this leads to the Battle of Bosworth where the history is written.

The author has explained many things about the King and how he was misunderstood in his own kingdom and throughout history.

Harry is passionate about history and loves to write about it. He is also a Richardian and has been that for so many years.


Event Address: 
Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Country Park, Leicestershire, UK

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