‘The Bored Princess’ graces the pages of a Newspaper

The Bored Princess Austin Macauley

Maria Jesus Lorente’s historical fiction ‘The Bored Princess’ was featured in a newspaper recently. The book has garnered a lot of praise since its launch and this article is another part of it.

The story takes us to another time period where kings ruled and the world was ran using rigid rules and protocols. Amidst all of this we read a story of a princess who is surrounded by all of this and her life has been planned.

But she isn’t like all the others that have come before her, she will not just lay down and follow the path. She rebels against everything.

A chant for freedom is sounded and she takes a very sober approach in trying to change her fate.

The story proves to be just as relevant for modern times as women of today can relate to the story of princes who struggles to control her future.

Born in Almeria, Maria had a talent for storytelling from a very young age. She is working as a teacher now and her passion for storytelling has stayed with her till now. This is her first novel.

The illustrations in the book are done by none other than her own brother Antonio Lorente. He currently resides in London and is building a solid career in the world of illustrations.

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