‘A Sorry Affair’ called “Beautiful” in a Review

Kirsten Nairn

Kirsten Nairns book 'A Sorry Affair' was recently reviewed by With Love for Books Blog. The novel received praise for the story and the depth of the characters. “She [the author] makes sure her readers have the chance to get to know her main characters through and through.” Said the reviewer when talking about the character development in the story.

Mack has everything that he dreamed of, a beautiful fiancé Jen who he is moving in with in their new home. The couple’s life takes a dramatic turn when another woman shows up at their house.

Abbi derails Mack’s plans and he has to deal with Jen leaving and selling the house that he wanted to live the rest of his life in. There is no hope of getting back together with his lost love.

Eventually, he has to move in with his parents. He has friction with his father. He still tries to speak to his ex-fiancé but doesn’t receive any type of response.

This tale of love and betrayal leaves the readers wanting more.

Kirsten studied science at Edinburgh University but that was not her calling. She wishes she had studied Art or English because of her love for writing.

She currently lives in Scotland with her family.

Read the delightful review of the book here:  http://www.withloveforbooks.com/2018/03/a-sorry-affair-by-kirsten-nairn-book.html

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