‘The Voyage’ comes to BBC Radio Humberside

The Voyage book cover

Author of ‘The Voyage’, Paul Thomas, was invited on BBC Radio Humberside to talk about his book. The Beverley based writer talked about the plot of his story with the host.

The story picks up one year after the great ship Titanic sank. The protagonist, Bertie, finds himself on a cruise. Not the best time to be on the ship but that is where he is.

He didn’t want to go but his wife insisted and he had to give in eventually. The cruise is heading to Venice and during their journey, the couple runs into a friend named Monty and they also meet a writer.

Unknown to Bertie, his wife has her personal motives for coming on the trip. He is enjoying himself until he learns the dangerous reason behind her wanting to go on the cruise. Their journey takes a turn for the worst when everything is revealed.

Paul was born in Tattershall, Lincolnshire. His family moved to Beverley when he was only 5. He completed his education there and then moved to Wales for 2 years.

He currently lives in Beverley and is focusing on his writing career.

You can listen to the interview by visiting the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05y40r3

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