‘Pants Optional’ celebrates 2 years on Amazon’s Top 100 List!

Carol L. Steingreaber

Carol L.Steingreaber’s book ‘Pants Optional’ is celebrating a special anniversary. It has now been on Amazon’s Top 100 list for 2 years!

Readers are still fond of the book even today and the humorous content and real stories make the book relevant to every mom out there.

The autobiography takes you on a ride through the author’s life in Iowa, USA.

Her style of writing resonates with readers because of the honest and witty nature. Relevant photos accompany the stories to put you right in the moment with the author.

The best thing about the book is that it gives tips on so many things related to housework, illness, injury, safety and everything that relates to being a parent.

Parenting genius is on full display, along with some embarrassing moments, in the book and readers can’t help but laugh and enjoy the book thoroughly.

The author holds graduation degree from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa with double majors in English Literature and Writing. On her graduation day, she said “Someday I will write a book!” and her dream has become a reality. In 2013, she started writing this book. Austin Macauley Publishers published the book 2 years ago and it has enjoyed a lot of success.

Carol currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her family.

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