‘Wogamatter’ appreciated by Buckingham Palace

Wogamatter book cover

Esther Lawson had the honor of receiving a letter from Buckingham Palace for her book ‘Wogamatter’. The letter shows that her book has made the intended impact on readers.

The author resides in an old Victorian house that was constructed in 1837, as it makes her a part of history once again. She has lived her life facing odds at every corner and she has faced them all by setting goals and achieving them at all costs.

She loves cooking cuisines from around the world and has a passion for the art of creating food.

Story of the book gives glimpses into the adversity that Esther faced growing up as a mixed-race girl in Britain.

She faced racism in many different forms. The story will bewilder readers as they read the incidences that a child had to go through in the post-war Britain. Even against all that, she remained optimistic.

‘Wogamatter’ appreciated by Buckingham Palace

This powerful tale will resonate with readers of all kinds.

The lessons in the story tell us how we are born human, yet we still have to fight all our lives for acceptance.

In the end, the moral can be drawn; we are all equal and now one should be made to feel left out for any reason.

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