Article featured on Isabel’s autobiography ‘When We Were Very Rich’

The face of When We Were Very Rich

The Article got published on Nepean News. The book revolves around a family saga rich in characters and backdrop, which will hook you from the first few lines. In the memoir, Isabel, eldest daughter of Sarah and Albert, lives a life of many riches; family togetherness, love, nature and freedom. Her life is poor in monetary value and lacking in belongings, but she experiences a childhood the sort that money is unable to buy. Surrounded by many siblings - her mother had 14 live births, all without any attention from a doctor or medical intervention, a valiant and strong mother she was. Sarah's grandparents were shipped off as convicts to Australia from England and made a life there when they were given their freedom. Albert and Sarah married in 1918 and forged a life through the Depression in the late 1920s. What was considered poor then, would be rich pickings today; unpolluted air, wild flowers, organic home-grown food and an abundance of wildlife. The story is like a tapestry, the last word or stitch humbling and too soon.

Isabel Winnifred Donnollan was born in Rockhampton, Australia in 1918, the eldest of Albert and Sarah Hall's 14 children. Isabel became a teacher at 19, married at 23 and raised four children. Isabel, at 36 was elected the First Woman Alderman to Rockhampton City Council and fought for the rights of women teachers.

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