Austin Macauley’s Tell a Fairytale Day Competition

Austin Macauley’s Tell a Fairytale Day Competition

One of the most fun-filled day is approaching. Tell a Fairytale Day will be celebrated on 26 February in different parts of the world. We here at Austin Macauley have decided to add a little excitement to the day for all you aspiring authors.

Introducing our ‘Once upon a time’ storytelling competition.

All you have to do is tell a fairytale of your own creation in less than a 100 words (not including the title). It’s your chance to get creative and tell a magical tale that will show everyone you have the talent for storytelling.

The story must begin with the phrase “Once upon a time…”.

Post the story on your social media profile and tag our profile at the end. Also use #AustinMacauley #OnceUponcompetition.

Ask everyone to like and comment. At the end of the competition, the 3 most popular and creative stories will be published on our website and will be shared on our various social media profiles.

Once upon a time

It is open for people of all ages.

Keep your eye on our profiles for more information and the deadline for the competition.

Tell everyone who has the flare for storytelling, this is your chance to get your fairytale published online, for now. Who knows, maybe the reaction of people and exposure you receive will inspire you to write a book one day.

Austin Macauley will be there to help you then as well.

Tell a Fairytale Day

A day that celebrates the best part of literature…magical creatures, spells, and lands from our imaginations, Tell a Fairytale Day is perfect for everyone who loves books, particularly the ones with some magic in them.


Most people choose to celebrate the day telling magical stories to their children and grandchildren.

It can be a story from their own childhood or a tale that is the favorite of their young ones.

Fairy Tales

You can find some good fairytales for kids in our children’s book section.

A fairytale party for the children is also a great way to celebrate the day.

You can also celebrate by putting pen to paper and get the story out of your imagination…you know the story we are talking about; the one you’ve had in your mind for years.

So use this day, take some time out of your schedule and write it down.

You can get some good writing tips from this blog: 7 Writing tips.

Participate in our competition and have your fairytale read by hundreds and thousands of people!

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