Caitriona Coyle’s book ‘College Girls’ featured in Donegal Now

Artwork of the College Girls

College Girls gets featured in Donegal Now as Coyle lets out the story that has been in her head for 30 years. The story holds the lives of three women; Cathy, Ethna and Meave living in Dublin during the ’70s. Cathy is nineteen and is crazy for action; she compares leaving boarding school with the feeling of leaving prison!

Delighted to be out of boarding school and escaping her unhappy life to new beginnings. Coyle herself has lived in Dublin for most of her adult life. Taking early retirement five years ago to concentrate on her own writing.

The story revolves around the experiences these women face as the troubles in Northern Ireland are at their height. These girls go on a hilarious yet shocking journey that ends dramatically. College Girls is a coming of age story, telling a tale of longing, betrayal but ultimately, survival.

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