Celebrate this Indie Book Day with a proud Independent Publisher - Austin Macauley

Indie Book Day

This day is all about your love for books, and this is what keeps independent publishers (like us) motivated.

Austin Macauley, being part of the indie publishing community, puts its best effort in presenting the readers with excellent titles that are not only rich in experience but are also rich in quality and design.

Unlike most of the publishers, being a 21st century publishing company Austin Macauley believes in putting out the word of authors who have worked hard to come up with a manuscript that they believe:

Can put a smile on people’s face,

Can spread knowledge among the crowd,

And can touch the hearts of readers with words.

The day was first celebrated in Germany in 2013, since then it has spread in almost all the Eurozone. The day not only helps independent publishers to spread awareness about the work of their authors, but also supports independent book sellers/shops who sell the books of their choice.

Indie Book Day 2018

Who are independent publishers?

The publishers that are not part of multinational corporations or large conglomerates. These publishers are also referred to as ‘indie publishers’ and ‘independent presses’.

Publishing guidelines of Austin Macauley for aspiring authors:

Austin Macauley and its authors work alongside for excellent results. Our publishing model can help you with the following services:

  • Book publishing
  • Book cover designing
  • Editorial services
  • Book promotion (traditional and digital marketing)
  • Distribution & sales

All we need is a manuscript from aspirants and once a writer is accepted as one of Austin Macauley’s authors, they can expect a very high level of care in turning their manuscript into a book that is beautiful both inside and out. And in addition to paperback and hardback, we now bring out all our publications in a variety of eBook formats.

This year Indie Book Day would be celebrated on 24th March. We encourage the people who participate in this event to grab the book of their choice, capture an image of the book or its cover or yourself with the book and post it on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of your choice with the hashtags #indiebookday and #AMBookDay.

We wish you a Happy Indie Book Day.                           

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