Church of the Good Shepherd Newsletter Recommends Dr. Henry Disney’s Book

Dr Henry Disney Austin Macauley

“…A book that I can thoroughly recommend…” says the review of ‘Regaining Life’s Winding Trail’ that appeared on page 6 of the Church of the Good Shepherd Newsletter.

The book explores the life of Dr. Henry Disney in the form of poetry and anecdotes. Beginning with his childhood, when he was a shy child, the author dives deep into his unusual life and brings the readers along.

He moves to talk about his short spell in the army, which taught him a lot.

His love for nature brought him towards entomology after he left the army.

As a research entomologist, he got to travel all over the world and that only inspired him more to write.

The poetry also showed the passion he has for his work, so much so that he was called the “the king of the scuttle flies” by his peers.

What makes the Disney unique is that he has created a harmony between his scientific work and faith. He has attempted to bridge the same gap between others with his poetry.

Born in 1938, Henry had tough experiences early on. He was separated from his parents during the War. He moved to Sudan after and served in Cyprus as part of the army.

He conducted research on rain forests in different parts of the world. He currently serves as a researcher at the University of Cambridge.

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