Cornwall Today discovers the Magic of ‘The Fairies of Jenny’s Field’

Austin Macauley Gilly Sloper

Gilly Sloper’s book was featured on Cornwall Today. The paper did a feature on ‘The Fairies of Jenny’s Field’ and talked about the magical world the author has created.

The story takes us to Cornwall where Nell and her brother Charlie live. They are ordinary kids except for the fact they have a teacher who believes in fairies and magic. Soon, they are also drawn into the world by an extraordinary incident.

The images come to life and they are immersed in the world of fairies. They get to learn how they live their life, living amongst flowers and gathering food for their families.

A terrible event comes to pass, which puts the lives of fairies at risk.

Now it’s up to the children to save the fairies, they have to find a way to ensure that they don’t face the incoming dangers. Will they be able to come through for their magical friends?

Gilly belongs to a small village in Berkshire.

She roamed the fields as a child and went off to adventures in the nearby woods. These excursions fueled her imaginations and helped her to create stories like this one.

She currently resides in Cornwall with her husband and has three grown up daughters.

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