The Creeps - Book Reading at Queensferry and Echline Primary Schools

Amy Beatson

Amy Beatson read her children’s book, The Creeps, to the kids at Queensferry Primary and Echline Primary on 1st of December 2017. The kids enjoyed the story and showed interest in the writing which kept them engaged and entertained.

The plot of the story revolves around two children, Eve and Eric, who are a bit curious about their neighbourhood. While staying at their grandparent’s home, the duo along with another friend Sam, take on a mission of secretly investigating a family from a neighbouring farm, which used to seem mysterious.

While investing this, out of ordinary family, they go through some unusual experiences. The outcome is not what they expected it can turn out to be unsafe for them. Read the book to find out more.

Amy Beatson is a married woman and has three girls. Having a BA in Business Management with distinction, she works as an account manager in the day. After working hours, she works on her dream of being a writer and spends her nights on translating her thoughts onto the paper.

The Creeps is her first book for the children and she is quite hopeful for its success.

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