Fantasy Book ‘The Creeps’ features in the Linlithgow Gazette

The Creeps book cover

Amy Beatson and her book ‘The Creeps’ were featured in an article that appeared in the Linlithgow Gazette. The article mentioned details about the book and author’s life.

The book explores folklores and old stories. The main characters in the story are three children, Eve, Eric and Sam.

Eve and Eric are staying with their grandparents for a while and they want to conduct an investigation of their own. They are curious to know whether all the tales and folklore they have heard about the area are true or not. They bring their friend Sam along on the adventure.

The subject of their investigation is the family that lives on the neighboring farm. There are a lot of stories swirling around about them. The children themselves find the family to be creepy and odd. They continue to find more and more information about the family as the investigation continues.

When they eventually reach a conclusion, they are left astonished with what they find.

This is Amy’s debut story. She is an accounts manager with a BA in Business Management. She loves to write and spends most of her free time writing imaginative stories.

She is married to Stevie and has three daughters.

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