Harry Tomkinson featured in Stoke Sentinel

Book cover of Treachery At Bosworth Field 1485

Harry was recently interviewed by Stoke Sentinel. His novel deals with the events which led to the monarch’s defeat and death at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Born in Staffordshire and spending some time growing up in West Yorkshire, the author had a very varied and interesting childhood. He had always had a keen interest in theatre and film and on leaving school worked for Moss Empires then went on to work for The J Arthur Rank Organization. He is a very enthusiastic and passionate historian and a dedicated Richardian of many years standing and has a book about the matter now.

England has gone through years of civil wars, strife and unrest during the period of the so-called ‘Wars of the Roses’. House against house, family against family, cousin against cousin. The wheel of fortune turning this way and that. On the death of Richard’s dear brother Edward IV, Richard becomes Lord Protector of England as Duke of Gloucester, but events overtake him. On finding that both Edward V and Richard of York are declared illegitimate, he has no option but to take the throne of England. Richard III proves to be a good and fair king and is much loved by any that come into contact with him. However, old wounds run deep and very soon, stories are put about attempting to discredit him. Rebellions happen and all the treachery takes place once more, culminating in the invasion of Henry Tudor and the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485 belies a wealth of historical knowledge and enthusiasm for this turbulent period and frequently misunderstood king.

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