Independent Book Publisher presents – 5 Books to Read in April

5 Books to Read in April Austin Macauley Publishers

Romance, adventure, mystery and intrigue are present in this month’s must-read list. Austin Macauley, being an independent book publisher, brings a myriad of brilliant story to readers. We thought its prudent to give readers some books to read in April.

As a reader, you may have your reading goals for the month and we can help you complete it.

The list of books cover many different topics and themes of life and you can immerse yourself into stories that can inspire, entertain and evoke many different emotions. So let’s look at the list of books that you will be reading in the coming days.

‘The Endless Autumn’ by Annabelle Knight

The sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight brings a scintillating tale of desire and fantasy. ‘The Endless Autumn’ follows the story of Autumn.

She has a great job, a best friend who understands her and a handsome boyfriend.

But her perfect life is shattered when a terrible secret is revealed.

She wants to transform her life and on that journey she runs into a sexy stranger. She is thrust into a life of luxury, desires and fantasies. Read how this girl next door navigates through this world and explores her own desire.

This book is one of the best independent books out there.

‘How Have I Cheated Death? A Short and Merry Life With Cystic Fibrosis’ by Tim Wotton

Tim Wotton’s harrowing tale shows the strength of human spirit, even when one’s body is failing them. In ‘How Have I Cheated Death? A Short and Merry Life With Cystic Fibrosis’, Tim details his fight against Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

The signs showed early on and he was told that he won’t live past his teenage years.

He is 40 years old now, one of the oldest living survivors of the disease.

The story shows that when something cannot be cured, it must be endured.

Humor, wit and honesty is present on every page.

Tim has won the Best Achievement Award from The People’s Book Prize for his memoir.

Austin Macauley Publishers helped bring the story of this brave individual to the forefront.

‘The Einstein Code’ by J. D. Welch

The perfect adventure mystery book for children, J. D. Welch’s ‘The Einstein Code’ embroils readers into a mystery that twists and turns in the most entertaining way possible.

Ben is a bright kid and he likes to hang out with his cousins Jess and Freddie.

One day his mother disappears but no adult will believe him.

He has no choice but to find her on his own. He follows the dangerous trail to locate his mother. Along the way he must solve puzzles and mysteries. He must hurry because his mother’s life hangs in the balance.

This is the kind of book that makes us proud to be an independent book publisher.

‘Beyond the Flames’ by David C. Pike

A memoir of a genuine London fireman, ‘Beyond the Flames’ tells the story of the author David C. Pike. He was advised to seek employment in an engineering factory but he knew that he was meant to do something else.

He tries to be a policeman but that doesn’t work so he turns towards the London Fire Brigade. He begins his career as a junior fireman.

His career lasted 4 decades and he takes on many different roles in the department. The story has tragedy humor and fascinating stories about one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

‘Lydia Greenfingers’ by Joseph Hopkins

Meet Lydia, she has lost her parents and has to go live with her aunt. She is wicked in every way.

Her house is dark and scary. The garden is unkempt and makes for a frightening scene. She wants to make things better, so she decides to grow beautiful and bright flowers in the garden.

Author Joseph Hopkins tells a tale of hope and determination in his book ‘Lydia Greenfingers’.

The books are available on our website and you can also find them on Amazon or Waterstones. You can go through our published collection and find more interesting books to read.

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