Ivor Jones appears in BBC Radio

Cover of 'The Spirit Within The Wind'

Ivor Jones trained as a highway engineer before joining Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth on a flying course. After the Navy, he worked as a photographer before retiring to Somerset. Writing interests included submissions to ‘Week Ending', ‘News Huddlines', and local newspapers. He has also produced original material for a group of visually-impaired actors as well.

The mischievous Wind Spirit is up to no good; blowing hats off, taking down trees, and making a mess of newspapers. Find out what the Wind Spirit will be doing next inside this collection of fun children's poems, and test your knowledge with the surprise ending! Invited in by BBC Radio Bristol on the Steve Yabsley show for his book ‘Spirit Within the Wind’. The interview starts approximately 25 minutes in and can be followed at:


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