Jack Lauriger on Radio Ram

Jack Lauriger on Radio Ram

Jack Lauriger, author of 'Forgive Me If I Disagree: A Modern Chaucer's Tale', has been a special guest on Radio Ram.

Jack featured on Radio Ram discussing his latest book with presenter Terry Clark-Ward.

An abstract from the interview can be seen below.

“The story is the first of its kind since the acclaimed Truman Show in 1998. While the theme runs parallel with the film which captured huge audiences, in the case of my book, the story goes even further. It’s a true life account where the truth behind my real parentage is “inadvertently exposed” after nearly fifty years. The story is an account of how the truth is revealed and everything that happens afterwards. It’s about personal values and perceptions which suddenly become challenged and reshaped – all in all thankfully with a happy ending.”

Terry asked what are the challenges for today’s authors.

“We live in times of soundbites. Short tweets and instant images which communicate in a few words or single images what people want to know. The challenge for authors is to keep the interest of readers as they turn the pages of books which run into hundreds of pages. The support of professional and experienced publishing editors increases the probability that a new book will indeed capture the imagination of its readers.”

“I’m already working on my next book which is planned for spring next year. Writing is a great learning experience. Thank you for inviting me to your show.”

More information:

The author delves deep into his family history and secrets kept for fifty years to uncover the truth of his birth. His search for the reasons behind the secrets bring surprise and intrigue, yet his journey highlights the strength of love and family bonds. The differences in society and cultural expectations between the 1960s and the 21st Century are explored, along with the validity of keeping a secret for such a length of time and whether there is ever a good time to tell someone the truth about their birth.

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