Learn more about Keith Brandon on Novel Writing Festival

Lost Universe book cover

An interview with Keith Brandon, as well as a Novel Transcript of his book ‘Lost Universe’, is available on Novel Writing Festival website. The author discussed his likes and his inspirations along with his novel on the website. The novel reading was performed by actor Geoff Mays.

In the book, a special crew is sent to discover the end to the universe, if there is one.

The team departs and soon discover that things aren’t going the way they had planned. Sabotage and mysteries of the space stand in their way and it is certain that not all team members will survive the trip.

They discover alien spaceships and their plans are certainly derailed.

Aliens create fear as stories of their visits to earth are everywhere and their activities are disturbing.

Crew cannot afford any distractions amidst all of these, if they are to survive. Aliens are not the only thing on their plate; the biggest problem being the news that the earth has been destroyed.

Hang on tight when you go across the universe with them.

A big Star Wars fan, Keith has always used his imagination to create vivid stories. He had the chance to see the world while he worked on cruise liners. This book is a first one in the series and will have you clinging on to every word.

Listen to the transcript and read the interview of the author here: https://novelwritingfestival.com/2018/02/15/novel-transcript-lost-universe-by-keith-brandon/

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