Life's Literary Milestones

Life's Literary Milestones

We all go through the same milestones in life, so what better way to make your way across them than by reading a wonderful book. ‘Life’s Literary Milestones’ paves the way from toddler to retirement. From learning to budget for university, to preparing for the birth for your first child (or second... or fifth), discover fun, handy and entertaining reads that will help you get through whatever life throws at you.

Two to Toddler

Shaped Animals

‘Shaped Animals’ by Sayeh Stone

Shaped Animals’ is a great way to enjoy learning maths and shapes through storytelling. Meet Triangle Tiger, who goes on the search to find other shaped animal friends to join his party. On this adventure, you will get to learn about the four main basic shapes.



Toddler's Tales

Toddler’s Tales’ by Maureen E. Todd

A whimsical variety of short stories for younger children; ‘Toddlers’ Tales’ introduces a variety of colourful characters, from Tiny the dog who doesn't understand Christmas, to Dino the alien who makes friends with the Loch Ness monster. Maureen Todd’s charming and imaginative collection of stories will delight children and keep bed time reading interesting.



Primary School

My First Day at SchoolMy First Year at School’ by Lindy Higgs

A child's first day at school is scary yet exciting. Capture this unique moment with ‘My First Year of School’, featuring questions and drawings for children to complete, creating a memento to cherish for years to come.




My Teacher's a Robot

‘My Teacher’s a Robot!’ by Phil Barnes

With wide, cold eyes, a clenched jaw, and superhuman strength, something's not right about the new teacher Miss Ironside. Young Will quickly realises... she's a robot! One by one, his classmates are being brainwashed after school. Will and his friends must act fast to save everyone before it's too late!



Secondary School

The Darwin Code

The Darwin Code’ by J.D. Welch

J.D. Welch uses her love of science and puzzles to help her characters solve two mysteries, whilst also delivering an interesting insight into human genetics. Set against a backdrop of the streets and colleges of Oxford, a story of intrigue and suspense unfolds. When young Ben Baxter and his mother Sue escape from a horrific ordeal, their lives remain in danger as they race to prevent a deadly poison being launched. For Ben, this also brings the opportunity to discover the answer to a very important question; who is his father?



The Kingdom of Puli

The Kingdom of Puli’ by Karen David

An old-fashioned tale of good versus evil that will keep the reader gripped to the story from start to finish. Enter the secret that is hidden above the clouds, where magic exists.




First Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Love is More than Just a Pearl Necklace

‘Love is More than Just a Pearl Necklace’ by Caroline Dowdall

A coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who remembers that true love burns fiercely in young hearts...





Practice Questions with answers in Pure Advanced Level Mathematics Book 1

Practice Questions with answers in Pure Advanced Level Mathematics Book 1’ by Lincoln H. Inniss

This questions and answers test book contains work covered in several advanced level pure mathematics courses, including, the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (pure mathematics), The University of Cambridge Advanced Level Pure Mathematics (Papers 1,2 and 3) and The University of London Pure Advanced Level Mathematics Course. The questions and answers are of examination standard, and rather than having answers at the end of the book, they follow each exercise to make it easier for students to study particular topics.



First Break-Up

Love Letters in the Wall: Agapé Edition

Love Letters in the Wall: Agape Edition’ by Demetra Demi Gregorakis

Demetra Demi Gregorakis has found herself feeling that technology has overtaken love in the priorities of life. In an age where whole relationships are carried out by instant message, text and email, she remains a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Her journey is the somewhat convoluted one which most of us take, ebbing and flowing through this stage and that, meeting the right one, the wrong one, the next one… love and adoration, heartbreak and happiness, they all appear here, in thoughts and poems written from the ever-romantic heart.



University (Party Time)

Budget Menu Queen

Budget Menu Queen’ by Rebecca Inman

In the current economic landscape of food banks and food poverty, this book is packed full of recipe ideas that are not only tasty but will feed a family of 4 a main meal for £2.50 or under. All the ingredients are itemised to show just how economically a recipe can be put together. With recipes inherited through one family over 3 generations you will find not only traditional, but also international recipes that are simplified to save time but not flavour.




Beginners Cookbook

Beginners Cookbook’ by K. Mortimer

You will find no gourmet recipes in here. It will only be the quick and easiest way to make something edible. It is aimed at someone leaving home for the first time to which a cooker is a stranger, or a student who has suddenly got to feed themselves, or even someone who has never cooked before, but has decided to give it a go.




Life, Naked

‘Life, Naked’ by Benjamin Michaels

With his time at university a typically decadent affair of casual sex and hard drinking, the life of our student protagonist is turned on its head when he finally manages to snag the object of his desires, his Princess. Although, with both the world of work and the love of his life proving to provide nothing but obstacle after obstacle, his struggle to keep the relationship afloat in a seemingly hopeless situation sees him increasingly look for solace at the bottom of a bottle, searching for answers whilst unwittingly on self-destruct...



First Job

A Tangerine Dream‘A Tangerine Dream’ by Rob Heath

"Here's a job for you, Rob. The American School of Tangier is seeking an Athletics Director." This had been the start of it. Rob, being pushed by his parents to find some meaningful employment after all his years of ‘studying'. Almost without realising it he was there, in Tangier, in Morocco, knowing that he had only got the job because the school proprietor had mistaken him for a well-known gifted footballer. Consolation was available in the form of excellent hashish, alcohol and nights out with his mate, Burnsey. His pay was poor but he manages to get stoned, drunk, survive angry men with curved daggers, and teach a little at the same time. An interesting chaotic period in his life. 


That's ItThat’s It’ by Brian Thomas

When the boy takes on his first job, he does it simply for the pocket money. With early starts and difficult employers to contend with, life as a paper boy is not as simple as it seems. However, without realising it, he has taken his first step towards adulthood. Leaving his newspaper deliveries behind, he embarks on a series of very different professions. He experiences the ups and downs of working life and a variety of people along the way. Although reasonably successful in his endeavours, he fails to find true fulfillment until he begins teaching. As he rises to greater positions of power, he begins to wonder if, finally, that's it ...



The Lucky Banker‘The Lucky Banker’ by David York

Tony Latimer's early life is unextraordinary. Neither having the inclination nor aptitude to go to university, he chooses instead to make his first step on the career ladder, becoming a bank clerk. But when Tony's parents tragically die just before his twenty-first birthday, leaving him with a substantial inheritance, he sets out on a new career path. Taking a job overseas working for an offshore drilling company opens Tony up to all kinds of new opportunities and before long his travel and investments see him accruing quite a substantial fortune and line of lovers. As he hits fifty he finds himself unexpectedly taking over a country estate and entering a new phase in his life. But as he looks to enact his grand plan for the estate and finally to think of settling down, Tony faces new challenges.


Quarter Life Crisis

Do-It-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual For Living‘Do-It-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual for Living' by Keith and Gilly Pugsley

Provides maintenance techniques for readers as they venture along the roads of life; how to cope with relationship breakdowns, how to choose the right career, how to walk away or stand your ground. For those seeking guidance towards a more harmonious life this book will be a welcome addition to the library.




The 'Write' Way to ManageThe ‘Write’ Way to Manage’ by Alex J. Vidal

Alex Vidal offers the reader a ‘how to' manual in writing correct professional English. With topics including managing your audience, corporate culture and documents for meetings and emails, Vidal covers all aspects of business writing from the desk to the boardroom - not forgetting nuance and how that might come across to the reader if the writer is not too proficient in the language. A valuable resource for professionals seeking to improve their business English.



We're Engaged!

The Endless AutumnThe Endless Autumn’ by Annabelle Knight

Autumn thought she had everything: a gorgeous stud of a boyfriend, a practical if unexciting PA job at Thorne PR, a savvy best friend, and a soon-to-be earned journalism diploma. But things in her perfectly constructed world shift when Autumn discovers a life shattering secret. Needing to change her life drastically Autumn meets a mysterious and sexy stranger who could be the solution to her problems. Autumn is thrown into a luxurious new world. One that is powered by high flyers, fantasies and carnal desires. How will she escape? Or, does this new world hold the key to her own fulfillment? Annabelle Knight’s debut novel, 'The Endless Autumn', is a sizzling, steamy and sexually sinister story of how a girl next door, unwittingly – but perhaps not unwillingly – explores the fringes of desire and release.


“I Now Pronounce You…”

I Do...Don't I?‘I Do…Don’t I?’ by Stephen P. Foulkes

As Shakespeare put it, the course of true love never did run smooth. Learn what goes into civil ceremonies from both a legal and personal perspective, explore what happens behind the scenes, laugh at some of the events and marvel at the way in which the registrars have to deal with the unexpected whilst ensuring that the ceremony runs smoothly. From a female registrar's skirt falling down in the middle of the ceremony to the bride's father wrongly declaring ‘I do' when asked if there is just cause why the union should not go ahead, the registrars have seen and dealt with it all!



Rock-A-Bye Baby

The 1st Family Feelings Guide‘The 1st Family Feelings Guide’ by Maree Watkins

Life can be difficult at the best of times, for children growing up and for the parents parenting them. It can often be a minefield of emotional traps. ‘The 1st Family Feelings Guide’ is a fun way to get through these times. From anger and anxiety to jealousy, from happiness to the sadness of bereavement, Watkins offers the parents common family scenarios to explore and resolve with their children which puts emotional interactions and relationships in perspective and makes them, where possible, surmountable.



Who Let The Dogs Out?

Scarborough TalesScarborough Tales: Short and Long’ by Charlotte Miller

Undeniable cat lover and enthusiast, Charlotte Miller shares the adventures of her greatest feline friendships in the pages of 'Scarborough Tales: Short & Long'. From blind and cantankerous Princess and King Solomon, the patriarch, to Old White Belly, the neighbourhood gladiator and Cinnamon, his partner and mother of countless litters, Miller recounts their overlapping tales with affection. Rich in detail, these intimate tales of the cats she has known and loved form something of a cat tapestry.



Every Dog Has His Day!‘Every Dog Has His Day!’ by Suganthi Mahadevan Shivkumar

Follow the life story of Shih Tzu Theo in this beautiful tale of love and friendship. After being bought at the pet shop, his new family must help him overcome his fears; thunder and lightning, strangers at the front door, rotating wheels and roaring engines. When one of his owners, Angel, breaks her leg in a fall, Theo must help her in any way he can.




Dave D's Diary‘Dave D’s Diary’ by Sue Morgan

Welcome to the true diary of the loveable and handsome rescue collie, Dave Dog, written from his own perspective. Dave D didn't have the best start in life, but luckily for him, it was the kind, caring and patient Sue that fell in love with him at the rescue centre. Follow them on their adventures up and down the country and throughout the British Isles - making friends, having fun, and learning so much along the way. This heart-warming insight into canine companionship will make you smile, have you falling for the funny Dave D and maybe one day you will even meet him on a future adventure and receive one of his famous ‘paw loves'.



We Are Family

My Mum and Dad‘My Mum and Dad’ by Andrew Lindsay

The mysteries of a happy marriage, as seen through the innocent eyes of a child. Andrew Lindsay's book is a funny, wide-eyed, occasionally mischievous and ultimately touching tribute to parental love, in its many forms.




Mid-Life Crisis

Pringles, Visas and a Glow in the Dark Jesus‘Pringles, Visas and a Glow in the Dark Jesus’ by Sharon Cracknell

Sharon Cracknell has caught the travel bug and her desire to see the world whisks her off on some unusual adventures. Her voyage begins in Indonesia where she is flung headfirst into a full-time teaching job and finds herself caught up between the corrupt police force and the shady school owner, facing the prospect of five years in an Indonesian prison. Escaping by the skin of her teeth, her enthusiasm is not dampened as she goes on to climb Kilimanjaro, explore several of the seven ‘Stans’ and climb to Everest base camp. These laugh out loud tales of her traveling highs and lows will have you guessing at what perilous escapades are next, but you will be wishing that you were there.


The Global Guide to Divorce‘The Global Guide to Divorce’ by Wendi Schuller

Recommended by both The Divorce Magazine, UK, and Divorce Magazine, ‘The Global Guide to Divorce’ is the definitive, step-by-step book on divorce and how to go about it. Topics range in scope from how to break the news, to what initial steps to take at the beginning, to guidance on working through the middle and post-divorce periods of the process. Wendi also presents true stories, which are interspersed with practical legal, financial, and division of assets guidance to ensure the best outcome for divorce.



Pants Optional‘Pants Optional’ by Carol L. Steingreaber

Steingreaber offers a hilarious, unrestricted insight into her life thus far in Iowa, USA. The reader is a privileged passenger on the journey, invited to buckle up for the ride as Carol shares her stories from the sibling squabbles of childhood, to cringeworthy dating moments, marriage and various stages of motherhood. Her witty, "tell-it-straight" writing style conjures up images you can't help but laugh at, often accompanied by photos that speak a thousand (usually comical) words. Carol provides the reader with "UNconventional tips" on a whole range of themes such as housework and hospitals, illness and injury, Nerf guns and nudity, safety concerns and sex and a great many more. Moments of eternal embarrassment are interspersed with flashes of comic/parenting genius, and every reader will find a nugget to inspire them.


Flying The Nest

How To Rock His World When You Are Over 50‘How to Rock His World When You Are Over 50’ by Patricia McKane and Elizabeth Roberts

This book shows you modern sexual techniques, and sex scripts you can use to feed your sexual appetite and reawaken the sleeping appetite of your man. This book delves into understanding man, his history of violence and rape, and his incredulous reaction to today's feminism. We also cover: Pain Day, BJ Mastery, Sex Without Teeth, and No Such Thing as a Fat Woman. We warn you this book is both outrageous and sometimes shocking. You may no longer feel invisible. You may no longer consider yourself fat or sexless. Your next universal question may be, "How the h- do I get rid of him?"



Kids in Crisis

Chroma-Therapy: A Walk in Nature Adult Colouring Book for Mindful Soothing Relaxation‘Chroma-Therapy: A Walk in Nature Adult Colouring Book for Mindful Soothing Relaxation’ by Christopher D. King

Beautiful and detailed designs drawn from nature. Ranging from delicate and detailed designs, to simple images and patterns, and leaving lots of room for colouring outside the lines, this book provides a beautiful experience to dip into and out of when your brain, or hands, need to relax.





50+ Fit For Life‘50+ Fit For Life’ by John Edmondson

'50+ Fit For Life' was written as a self-help guide to help you achieve health and fitness as you move through middle age and into retirement. The author has done extensive studies into why you should eat the right foods to help fend off debilitating diseases. Also, how to eat often to maintain energy levels. He couples this with extensive information about the best types of exercise to maintain muscle, boost metabolism and keep you strong and flexible. Functional training is introduced; this is all about strengthening joints to enable you to continue to enjoy a full and active life up to and through retirement.



The Soul of a House: Adventures in Building an Antique Retirement Account‘The Soul of a House: Adventures in Building an Antique Retirement Account’ by Arthur T. Vanderblit II

'The Soul of a House' is a fascinating read for those with any interest in the world of antiques as a hobby or a business. Antiques aren't for everyone but Arthur Vanderbilt's enthusiasm in ‘The Soul of a House’ makes it seem like they absolutely should be. A nineteenth century clipper on a rough sea, a Chinese vase, a knickknacks box, a Hepplewhite, who knows what can be found in an old money American country house when it goes up for sale, curtains and all. But that is only the start: what about the thrill of the auction when an item fetches triple the purchase price? What about that rare piece that you get home only to discover it is worth millions? Antiques are alive with history, alive with that part of a family now gone, the arm of a chair worn smooth because that is where the dog rested its head every night.


Growing the Family Tree

Standing Operating Procedures For Grandfathers‘Standing Operating Procedures For Grandfathers’ by Macolm Allen

"Attention wrinklies!" Are you in competition with ‘the other grandparents'? Desperate to be cool, fun and ‘down with it'? Then look no further.Here, retired military officer Malcolm Allen shares his battle plan for success, inspired by army techniques! Ditch the corduroy slacks, invest in electric nose and ear clippers and learn how to use an iPad. "Right? At the double then!"




Blossom and Me‘Blossom and Me’ by Jean Swales

In her seventies. Jean Swales set off on an adventure in her trusty Campervan ‘Blossom', traveling through the UK, learning more about the history and geography of her homeland, and interviewing grandmothers and their granddaughters. The result is this book, which brings together the hopes, dreams and experiences of two quite different generations.




Fighting the Good Fight

Living For a Reason - A True Cancer Journey‘Living For a Reason - A True Cancer Journey’ by J. A. Prescott 

There can be up to 50,000 cases of breast cancer a year in the UK. Ann, in J.A. Prescott's 'Living for a Reason', is just one. On receiving the news of her condition Ann greets it with the response - ‘You haven't told me that I'm dying yet?' and that is the spirit she carries throughout the book. It is a moving and powerful portrait of a woman who, faced with the vicissitudes of cancer, determines to live life to the full.




No Life Without You‘No Life Without You by Anthony Nixon

On the 4th May 2012 an incident occurred which Dr. Anthony Nixon still finds difficult to describe. In 1991, Marion, Anthony's wife was struck with Alzheimer's disease, fully diagnosed four years later. In a moving account of the progression of the disease and its ramifications on himself and his family, Dr Anthony Nixon in ‘No Life Without You’ describes how he coped with the impossible. In this work Dr. Anthony Nixon hopes to help others who find themselves in a similar situation, watching the inexorable decline of a loved one and shifting through the services to find support for the carer and cared for as the disease progresses through to its conclusion. Dr. Anthony Nixon spares no detail in describing how the ‘incidence' which took his wife also nearly took his own. 'No Life Without You' will not cure the disease but it may offer insights into how to cope.


Because You Were ThereBecause You Were There’ by Sally Dalzel

"The grief I feel now seems to have unlocked so many grieves and insecurities from the past I thought I'd long overcome. I feel so small without you; my heart feels totally lost." On August 18th 2013, phones buzzed, babies were born, and families enjoyed a Sunday day out. But Sally Dalzel's world fell apart. Her husband of 26 years passed away and she plunged into loneliness and isolation. In private letters to her husband, Sally documented her journey from mourning back to love, acceptance, and joy. She hopes that by publishing her letters, she will provide support to others struggling with the grieving process



Table for One, Sir?‘Table for One, Sir?’ by John Flint

In this deeply poignant and personal memoir, John Flint recounts the experience of his wife Patricia’s diagnosis with cancer, her death, and his efforts to readjust to life afterwards. John provides an insight into the real emotions and experiences of a carer and widower. He provides thoughts on the practicalities of what to expect from experiences such as the first Christmas as a widower, going on holiday alone, and the well-meant comments of others; and, in a life where ‘the tears are only an eyelid away’, he provides ideas on how to deal with them.



All Good Things Must Come to an End

Aurora's StoryAurora’s Story’ by Alan D. H. Moyes

When Aurora finds herself in Heaven following a tragic event, she is confused. Where is she? How did she get here? How is all this possible? Her many questions are answered by Daniel, her guardian angel, who has been by her side her entire life. He teaches her everything she needs to know about Heaven and all of God's creatures, who all have their own important part to play on planet Earth. Aurora learns that she will have important work to do, helping other souls who have lost their way back home to Heaven. The amazing thing about 'Aurora's Story' is that it has come direct from her, via a medium, and is all true. It is a beautiful story of love, patience and understanding and should give you great comfort. If you have ever had any doubt as to whether there is more to life than just this existence, 'Aurora's Story' is sure to put your mind at ease.


An Approach to Living and Joyful Growth'An Approach to Living and Joyful Growth' by Dr. Chee Hong Young

An introductory foundation to the Buddhist lifestyle, as well as an inspiring guide for achieving happiness in all walks of life, whether it be in the workplace, or at home.

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