A look at Female Authors and the Publishing Industry for International Women’s Day 2018


We took a glance at some statistics that relate to International Women’s Day 2018, the data from the past few decades about the publishing industry paint a progressive picture. All that information, at least, shows that this industry is among the most progressive when it comes to women’s rights.

But you have to go beyond the numbers and look deeply to learn if real progress has taken place or not.

Industry still dominated by Men

Some female authors say that the journey to progressiveness is going at a crawling pace, and they are not wrong in their assessment.

A study shows that major book reviews, online or in paper, heavily feature books are written by male authors. Another area where female authors are often overlooked are awards and accolades.

Another statistic may hold the key why this lopsided attention continues to this day.

A survey of international authors says that the writers they are influenced are mostly male. This may be because the generations past didn’t have enough female authors.

Regardless, it shows the stark imbalance between genders in the industry.

Slow but Steady

Still, the changes are there. They have been significant in some areas, as you can see in the infographic above.

In some book genres, female authors have overtaken the male authors. This includes the most popular literary genre in the world, Romance.

The respect for female authors is growing steadily, not as fast as everyone hopes but it is happening.

International Women’s Day 2018 – A Brief History

Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th to commemorate the movement of women’s rights. They day was first observed in 1909 on Feb 28.

Though, in 1910 the date of 8 March was suggested and the day was officially named ‘International Woman’s Day’.

There were several movements around the world that fought to give women the rights that men had. They demanded equal and fair treatment in all avenues of life. A struggle that still continues to this day with campaigns like #TimesUp and #MeToo.

It was 1975 when United Nations adopted the day and made it a global event.

This year, the campaign is focusing on pressing forward. The world should continue moving forward and try to decrease gender disparity everywhere.

Austin Macauley has been part of the publishing industry for over a decade and we celebrate stories about women and most of all female authors.

We salute all female authors that have worked with us and we look forward to working with more women in the future, so they can have a place where they can tell their stories without discrimination.

*Statistics gathered from Hawes Publications

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