Promote Reading this International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day

Take a moment and think about what kind of activities your children are busy doing during the day. Watching TV, mobile phones, playing games, etc. these are normally the things that kids enjoy doing in these times of gadgets. What about reading? Now, we are not saying this just because we are a children’s book publisher, but kids don’t spend enough time reading.

International Children’s Day is celebrated to promote just that activity. The age they are in right now is where healthy habits should be developed and reading should definitely be one of them. Here is what you should be doing...find what your children are interested in and find a children’s book that can attract their attention.

Once you get them reading you can expect a dramatic change.

You don’t have to take our word for it, here is what research says about children who have a healthy reading habit:

Reading often improves the ability to read

School going children need to read always and often. They require reading speed and accuracy, which can only be developed through reading a lot.

Exercise for the Brain

A lot of focus is now being put on healthy habits for children.

Get them outside and doing physical activities. But what about exercising their brain?

Reading is a complex task for our brains. It can build new connections in the brain, something that other popular kids’ activities can’t do.

Boost concentration

Parents think that children can’t focus on a single thing for a long time, get them reading and they will.

Reading is an activity that requires them to sit in a same spot for a long time and concentrate. They will be able to do it for longer if they practice it daily.

Imagine all that quite time!

Learn about the World

Children’s books of today contain information about a host of things. Living things, history, environment, etc. kids can learn so much by reading and applying that information in school.

Improve Vocabulary and Language

When they start reading, kids will learn new words with every page.

While they are reading, their subconscious is absorbing information about how sentences are created and how words are used.

These skills are used all their life in their manner of speaking and writing.

Develops their imagination

While children read, their subconscious creates pictures of the words they and stories they are reading. This imagining practice of how characters look and how they feel finds its way into the child’s daily life.

This promotes their creativity.

Develops their Empathy

Imagine you read about a situation, you will automatically think about how you would feel if you were in a similar situation.

Children do the exact same thing.

Children’s Book Day

A Fun Activity

With a book or an e-reader, you have a fun activity with you wherever you go. Your kid will never be bored.

A Family Activity

Reading a bedtime story to young ones, visiting a library together or going book shopping is a great way to spend some family time.

Better School Achievements

Their achievement in English will improve for sure but reading also helps kids across other subjects as well. The concentration and discipline they learn from reading really comes in handy at school.

Need we say more?

Children’s Book Publisher

Austin Macualey is a Britain based independent book publisher that has many brilliant children’s books in its collection. These books cover a variety of subjects and can teach kids about the world they live in and take them to magical lands as well.

Celebrate International Children’s Book Day and promote reading, starting from your own home.

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