Radio Interview of David McCaddon’s publication, In Digital Pursuit

The book cover of 'In Digital Pursuit'

David McCaddon is an IT systems consultant who has worked in computing for over 46 years and has spent the past 34 years specialising in Law Enforcement Computer Systems Development. His investigative systems experience has seen him working with police forces worldwide in the design and development of major incident and analysis systems.

The radio interview conducted on BBC Radio Spoke by Den Siegertsz. The interview begins at 48 minutes in show. Digital Pursuit continues the story of criminal Tim Ridgway, first encountered in Following Digital Footprints. Tim has now been sentenced to ten years for his credit card and identity theft crimes and is taken to HMP Dinas Bay in Wales to serve his sentence.

Ever one to use his skills to his own advantage, Tim sets about planning his escape, whilst at the same time the authorities get wind of something big going down in the prison. Midshire Police set up an investigation and follow up various leads, putting two and two together and, in an entertaining fashion, not always coming up with four. This is another enjoyable book from David McCaddon, in which the reader can become re-acquainted with old friends from Midshire Police and follow the threads of the plot which twist and turn in a satisfying manner.

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