Recent book launch of ‘Tempting the Temp’ by Ann Jones

Image of Tempting The Temp's cover

The book launch took place at Penola Library that went very well, there were huge number of attendees who enjoyed the evening. The feedback from the event has been incredibly humbling and uplifting for the author. Apart from being an excellent author, Ann's adventurous life includes: cooking for shearers, training racehorses with husband Philip and working for two decades in the vineyard industry.

When smoke meets steel, there’s going to be sparks! The romantic story holds intense storyline and characters. Hiding behind her thick black glasses and overly large suits, shy and insecure Ella makes sure that no one can see past her dreary appearance. But, after a last minute temp assignment comes in for Adelaide’s most eligible bachelor, businessman Dane Harrison, Ella’s shyness is what first attracts his attention. Even with the adulation of incredibly stunning society women, Dane finds his thoughts returning time and again to his seemingly innocent temp. But after an encounter with Ella’s drunken mother, Dane starts to unravel the tragedy in Ella’s past and puts in place a plan that could benefit both of them. Can Ella stick to her side of the bargain without falling in love with Dane… or will the threat of her former life cast too big a shadow? New author Ann Jones’ novel is a modern, erotic yet romantic tale of love and lust. Stock full of the hottest love scenes since Fifty Shades of Grey, Tempting the Temp, will be one book that will be hard to put down – if only to take a good long, cold shower.


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