A Very Special Reunion - Jack Lauriger's Long Lost Brothers

A Very Special Reunion - Jack Lauriger's Long Lost Brothers

Author of 'Forgive Me If I Disagree: A Modern Chaucer's Tale', Jack Lauriger, has detailed his experience of meeting his two long, lost half-brothers.

'Thanks to my book being published by Austin Macauley, I was able to bring together my two brothers, one who flew in from the States, for a special book signing event with dedications. For several months it remained unclear how my brothers would react to the news that they had a half-brother. When the response came, it represents one of the most moving moments depicted in my book. Their initiative which came from out of the blue exceeded anything I had imagined. In fact, the whole episode with my brothers is amongst the key reasons for writing the book and which also makes the story so important to share with readers.

Today, we continue to wonder how it happened that we missed out on sharing so many milestone moments in our lives together. Each of us agrees it all should have been very different but we had no influence over events. None of us have any doubts that the discussion of being aware of our true parentage can be fundamental to our lives.

I am delighted by our closeness and it was a truly moving moment to hand my brothers their copies of my book with very personal dedications.'

'Forgive Me If I Disagree: A Modern Chaucer's Tale' delves deep into Jack's family history and secrets kept for fifty years to uncover the truth of his birth. His search for the reasons behind the secrets bring surprise and intrigue, yet his journey highlights the strength of love and family bonds. The differences in society and cultural expectations between the 1960s and the 21st Century are explored, along with the validity of keeping a secret for such a length of time and whether there is ever a good time to tell someone the truth about their birth.

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