The Winners of Stanza Extravaganza (World Poetry Day Competition)

World Poetry Day Competition

It is time to celebrate the winners of our World Poetry Day competition, or as we like to call it Stanza Extravaganza. As poetry publishers, it is our duty to search out beautiful poetry and stanzas and World Poetry Day was a perfect opportunity.

We launched a competition and received several entries. In the end, we selected only 3 as the WINNERS of the competition. As promised, we are featuring the winning poems and poets in this blog.

Winning Poems

Winner from Facebook is John Fedarenko, his poem:

Life can be exciting

Or it can be rather dull

A glass might seem half empty

Or you could say it's half full


But don't be pessimistic

Keep your chin up and walk tall

You really should be grateful

That you've got a glass at all!

Winner from Twitter is Marc O Brien, his poem:

AM what a call

You picked up my book and now it’s at the mall

We all know this is nothing small since AM you made the call

So now that is done it is time to have some fun

Cook up something good

To market the book

And others will want to look.

And that is the best hook

Winner from Instagram is Simon Michael Morgan, his poem:

I see my owner, pacing the room like a tiger,

Night wringing silence from worried hands,

He makes a sandwich and I

Too pick at my kibbles in solidarity.


Is he dreaming? I dream of summer days in the garden,

Leaping after white butterflies,

Surveying comfortably all I see from

The safety of the fence.


He is smoking now, pained, I sense the tension in his body.

He lets out billows of cigar smoke that roll and twist in front of my darting eyes.


I chase and look back at him; my eyes two shining lights in the black.

I follow him everywhere he wanders around the house, like a faithful puppy.

I think he will attempt sleep once more, I hope so, third night we have stalked the silence together.

On his chest I weave my purrs into alternate rhythms of his heart; an engine to calm him from his worry.


He staggers his breath, he might rest.

But I stay until I feel his beating mind slow.

Here you are, the best of the best from our competition. We thank everyone who participated in the competition and encourage them to keep writing. Keep an eye on our social media profiles and there will be more opportunities to get featured on our websites. Who needs other poetry websites when you can a publisher put your poems on their blog?

World Poetry Day

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