Phoenix FM talks to Author Fiona Bowman about her book 'Did I Wake You Pet?'

Fiona Bowman has recently been interviewed by Phoenix FM about her new book 'Did I Wake You Pet?' on the 1st November.

UK pavilion on the first day of Sharjah Book Fair 2017.     Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

SHARJAH: UAE and UK are experiencing new heights in literary relationship, said UK publishers who attended the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair as honorary guests.

The UK trade mission told Gulf News the positive gestures by Sharjah organizers are clear indication of expanding cultural exchanges of all things literary, between the two countries. The UK team is led by The Publishers’ Association and The London Book Fair.

The Gulf Today

Sharjah Publishing City, Sharjah: UK, being the guest of honour at the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), showed its mastery by exhibiting their appreciation of the Middle Eastern and North African affairs, through the literary publications showcased on its stand.

Its stand houses to a number of leading agencies like Austin MacaulayTM Publishers, who have items that cater to the interests of guests fond of or connected to the affairs of Middle Eastern region or North Africa.

The face of 'Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485'

On the evening of 24th October Harry had a talk about his book at Bradgate Park. It was a houseful for Harry in the Park. Born in Staffordshire and spending some time growing up in West Yorkshire, the author had a very varied and interesting childhood. He had always had a keen interest in theatre and film and on leaving school worked for Moss Empires then went on to work for The J Arthur Rank Organization.

Did Wake You, Pet? book cover

Fiona Bowman writes an emotional and moving story of a woman who goes through continuous physical assault for years from her husband. It’s a story of domestic violence where the author herself is the victim. She goes through extreme cruelty and her marital life is horrific and full of pain.

Billy Bee's artwork

Paris Brosnan’s book was recently reviewed by Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers. Paris has been writing poetry and rhyming stories from a very young age, she would disappear into her room after school and get lost in the little world she used to create in her mind and put to paper.

Did Wake You, Pet? book cover

Watch Fiona Bowman as she talks about her personal experiences of domestic violence and how she found her way out of it. An emotional story of a woman who goes through continuous physical assault for years from her husband, a story of domestic violence where Fiona Bowman, the author of the book is the victim herself.

Room 13: Between Hell and Redemption book cover

Richard Cruttwell shared some quality time with the audience during the Medway local Author Fair at Rochester University on 14th of October. During the event, he also gave an insight about his action packed thriller, ‘Room 13: Between Hell and Redemption’, where he depicts some unexpected events.

Did I Wake You, Pet Book Cover

Fiona Bowman is a successful senior facilities manager. She has been featured on This week in FM magazine where she unravels her autobiographic book, ‘Did I Wake You, Pet?’.

College girls by Caitriona Coyle

Caitriona Coyle author of “College Girls” has been featured in the Tirconaill Tribune newspaper in County Donegal. Coyle, lets out the story that has been in her head for 30 years and now her historical fiction ‘College girls’ is out. The story holds the lives of three women; Cathy, Ethna and Meave living in Dublin during the ’70s.

Book cover for Rough Diamonds

The Historical fiction is all about the miseries of a family where Helen, a mother of two gets disappeared after an incident of domestic violence from her alcoholic husband, Jim. The real struggle begins when Jim gets killed and their 13 year old son, Bill has to look after himself but also his younger sister, Lizzie.

Face of Rough Music

If you seek thrill and suspense then Rough Music by Robin Driscoll is for you as it will give you one heck of a roller coaster ride through the sudden twists and turns in its plot.

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