How To Rock His World When You Are Over 50

How To Rock His World When You Are Over 50

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Do you feel you're invisible because you are an older woman? Are you ignored by men, even on cougar night? Do you lack the confidence to compete with the young women of today? Do you think you are too fat?
The answer to being regarded by men as beautiful and drop dead sexy is just pages away. This book shows you modern sexual techniques, and sex scripts you can use to feed your sexual appetite and reawaken the sleeping appetite of your man.
We answer the universal question of all women, "As an older woman, how do I find and keep a man?"
Proven methods and advice are given in this book to help you find and keep any man you want. This book delves into understanding man, his history of violence and rape, and his incredulous reaction to today's feminism. We also cover: Pain Day, BJ Mastery, Sex Without Teeth, and No Such Thing as a Fat Woman. We warn you this book is both outrageous and sometimes shocking. You may no longer feel invisible. You may no longer consider yourself fat or sexless. Your next universal question may be, "How the h- do I get rid of him?"

Patricia McKane


Pat, glam-ma of five, is the CEO of many businesses world-wide, from electronics to hand-painted dresses to skin cream, (two patents). ‘Pat's Chat' gives instructional talks to older women. Widowed three times, with her fourth marriage coming up in 2017. Her vast experience with men is shared in this book. Looking 20 years younger than her 82 years, she shares her beauty expertise with all women. Her knowledge of men and how to entice them is unparalleled.

Elizabeth Roberts


Beth, glam-ma of two, a divorcee, was forced into the dating scene. She experimented and was so successful that other women asked her for advice on how to catch a man. Her lessons, learned from dealing with and successfully handling men, are incorporated into this book. These ideas are all tried and proven.


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