Just Me and my Green Singing Finch - How Marriage Changed Me

Just Me and my Green Singing Finch - How Marriage Changed Me

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In a work of perhaps catharsis, writer Angela Lacey presents in Just Me and my Green Singing Finch observations on the interaction between herself and her former partner now that partnership has been dissolved. In a series of chapters detailing moments in a couple's life where conflict can arise, Angela presents the scenario as it might have happened when they were married, from the point of view of an observer and how she would handle the situation now she is single. For example, how would she handle her partner going for a drink after work? Would she nag, warn, complain, be jealous? If she looks back rationally how did such a scenario play out in real life. And now she is single, would she be different given a second chance. This is a salutary book for those who may be fearful of losing a relationship or wish to make one better.
Angela Lacey


Angela Lacey grew up in London, but since the onset of the millennium has been living in Eastbourne. She has had many interesting jobs as a secretary and throughout her career has helped others write their own self-published memoirs. Now it's her turn!


This is clearly a book Angela felt compelled to write. Angela writes with such moving honesty and clearly was unafraid to give the reader a full insight into her earlier life. I was hooked from the start and would recommend this most touching and revealing memoir to everyone.

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