Parallel lies

Parallel Lies

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Rhea is an archaeologist searching for the final resting place of the legendary King Arthur. She is thrown into the murky world of Islamic Fundamentalism and CIA operations that do not officially exist. On the run from killers, the only person she can turn to for help is Danny, the man whose heart she broke over a year ago; but she is desperate. Rhea uncovers the truth about Arthur and the hand that the Church played in almost wiping his existence from all records. She challenges the establishment in pursuit of the truth amongst all the lies.
Vincent George Ainley

Vincent George

Vincent George Ainley is a happy-go-lucky father of four grown-up kids and recently married. He lives near where the Suffolk county line meets Norfolk along the east coast and manages to write novels as a hobby whilst still holding down full-time work.He spent many years in the British Army and worked as a non-destructive testing technician in the oil and gas industry, both on and offshore. In more recent years, he has also been a shopkeeper and is currently employed as a manager in a newspaper distribution industry.

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