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24 Mar 2:00

Rebecca Henry will be at the Bartram Trail Library in Fruit Cove, Florida for a book event. She will discuss her book ‘The Lady Raven’ and tell everyone how this isn’t like the fairytale from their childhoods.

The magical fantasy plot of the book tells the story of Zezolla, a princess who is abandoned by her father and she lands in the clutches of an evil stepmother and sisters.

But that’s where the comparison with any fairytales ends as readers learn the twisted and macabre events of the story. The cruelty shown to the little princess is beyond anything that she had known before.

Her friends, a raven and a wolf, are her only solace.

She must find the strength to fight her tormenters and escape on her own.

Rebecca loves to travel and she was most inspired by the beauty of English countryside. She is a vegan and loves yoga.

Event Address: 
Bartram Trail Library, 60 Davis Pond Boulevard, Fruit Cove, Florida 32259, USA

24 Mar 10:30

The author of ‘School 3D’ will be in attendance at the Barbican Library in March to read from her book. Emma will take us into the lives of Alice, Ella and Hazel.

The triplets are off to a new adventure. Each of them will be attending a different school.

An oddity for the three sisters who have always been together but now they must go and try to be the best pupil in their respective schools.

Sibling rivalry and friendship is portrayed in the best way as the sisters go off to achieve the highest grades, sports success, and popularity in the schools they will be attending.

Emma Hollender is passionate about teaching and she left a job at a big firm to come teach children. It is her experiences as a teacher that inspired her to write this book.

Event Address: 
Barbican Library

24 Mar 13:00

Steve Logston will be at the Public Library in Wellsville, Ohio in March to sign copies of his book ‘Even Her Tears were Yellow’. The inspiring book introduces us to Chelsea, a girl who is struggling with a liver disease and requires a transplant, which never came and she lost her life. It is a tale full of courage and determination, we get to know this extraordinary girl who impacted the life of everyone around her and didn’t let her disease define her. The book also spreads the message of how important organ donation is for patients whose lives depend on them. Steve was a teacher for 35 year
s and currently he spends his time promoting the awareness for organ donation.
Event Address: 
Public library in Wellsville, Ohio

27 Mar 2:30

David McCaddon, who penned ‘In Digital Pursuit’, will be at Wrekin USA Shifnal Village Hall in late march. Fans of his books will have the chance to meet the author and ask him about his published novels.

This book is the sequel to ‘Following Digital Footprints’. The story picks up where the last one left off, Tim Ridgway has been sentenced for his crime and is currently serving a ten year sentence.

But the authorities will not keep him locked up for long.

He decides to escape and starts creating a plan for it.

The authorities, however, get wind of something happening in the prison.

The intriguing plot twist will entertain and shock the reader with every page turn.

David is an IT Systems Consultant and works with police forces worldwide. His professional specialty and passion for writing has culminated in brilliant crime based stories.

Event Address: 
Wrekin U3A Shifnal Village Hall TF11 8DW

31 Mar 11:00

The author of ‘About a Dog’ will be at The Boathouse Café, Plymouth for the signing of his book. Get your copy signed and get a chance to chat with Richard Bloss.

A distinct character, Richard’s dog Barney is the subject of the book.

The book details the adventures of owning a dog and how they have a very particular personality. Barney has a curious relationship with the cat named Boh. He loves to go on walks and sometimes he likes to go on his own but just to the neighbor’s garden.

The funny stories and colorful illustrations will entice young readers as they explore the bond between a dog and its owner.

As the CEO of ProfoMedia Press Agency, Richard has been a part of the literary world for a long time. Though, this is the first time he has ventured towards writing a book for children.

Event Address: 
The Boathouse Café, Plymouth

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