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23 Sep 11:00

On Saturday the 23rd September Karen & David, authors of 'The Kingdom of Puli', will be at Waterstones Enfield for a book signing event.

'The Kingdom of Puli' tells the tale of three generations of the Royal Puli Family. The Pulies are a highly intelligent species that are dog-like in appearance.

The Kingdom of Puli is a magical place, mystical horses fly across the sky and gladiators perform battles in the Great Arena. The Royal Family of Puli have magical powers, which are bestowed on them by the highest wizard. They are only allowed to use their magic for good not evil.

Any Puli caught practicing evil is banished to Togo: a dark horrible swampland on the borders of the Kingdom.

The story begins when the Evil Warlock casts a spell on Prince Ceaser and turns him into an ordinary dog. Then he locks him in an old chest and transports him to earth. A little girl called Lilly finds the chest in her garden shed.

Lilly enters in the magical world of adventure and friendship with the Pulies. This spans over three generations of her family. They accompany the Puli princes on exciting quests to save the kingdom from being destroyed by the Evil Warlock.

These dangerous quests send them back in time to the medieval England, the Crimean War and to Togo; as they have to bring back important objects that belonged to famous historical figures; for Wizard Merlin to use in a spell to save the kingdom.

The reader will be introduced to all the colourful characters from the Kingdom of Puli; Wizard Merlin, General Hercules, King Brutus, Queen Allegra and many others.

It is an old fashioned tale of good versus evil that will keep the reader gripped to the story from start to finish. We allow them into the secret kingdom of Puli that is hidden above the clouds where magic exists.

Open the book and be transported to a faraway kingdom...


Event Address: 
26 Church St, Enfield EN2 6BE

27 Sep 19:00

Stuart Rees, author of 'A Lover's Country', will be at Bottlerocket Bar & Cafe in Nowra on 20th September at 7pm. Stuart will be conducting a reading from his book and will also be available for a question and answer session. You may even be able to get your copy of 'A Lover's Country' signed!

In the course of their passionate relationship, Tom Markson and his much younger Jewish lover Naomi Branath support a Palestinian leader, Fadeela Qubra who has been awarded an international prize for peace and who knows the details of a murder and a massacre. Fierce opponents of Dr. Qubra want her story suppressed and the award to her cancelled. Tom and Naomi find the courage and the stamina to resist the opposition and eventually enable Fadeela to leave Ramallah, fly to Australia to tell her story and receive her award. Despite death threats and opposition from powerful lobbies, human rights are upheld, love triumphs and the story is told.

Told with a compelling immediacy, ;'A Lover's Country' sheds light on the intrigue, struggle and behind-the-scenes wrangling associated with the nomination of a Palestinian woman as the recipient of a major peace prize. With a cast of memorable characters, a tightly crafted plot and touches of memorable poetry, 'A Lover's Country' is an illuminating tale of justice with a hard won message of hope. In particular it is a must-read for anyone interested in the current plight of the Palestinians, Arab Israeli relations, and the presentation of these questions by the Western media. - William Lane Author of the highly acclaimed novels, Over the Water and The Horses This is a beautifully written and engaging story.

It traces the kind of love that can only develop when people fight for the rights of others and never waver despite incessant and dangerous opposition. In events set largely in San Francisco, London, Sydney, Jerusalem, and Ramallah, that opposition includes powerful politicians and a compliant media who try to stifle accounts of a murder and a massacre. In spite of the pressures which confront them, the leading characters weather the storms and show how courage defeats compromise, principle overcomes pragmatism and how the passion of gutsy individuals lives up to the ideals of 'A Lover's Country'. - Adam Courtenay Author of the dramatic, revealing history Amazon Men

Event Address: 
2/90 Kinghorne St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia

29 Sep 8:00

Merging the renaissance and fantasy realm for an interactive, family-friendly experience filled with all fantasy art and entertainment such as masterwork paintings, interactive fantasy atmospheres, live performances, battle tournaments, archery, gaming, elves, dragons, and dwarves! Fantasycon is here this year again and offers readers and writers the opportunity to come together to discover, learn and discuss fantastic fiction in all its forms.

Three days of panels, talks, workshops and socialising. Bringing together the best in writing, publishing and reading. Come dressed as your inner hero and bring the family to one of the most unique and interactive conventions in Utah. Fantasycon is an essential annual destination for readers, writers, artists, editors, and publishers of all things Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction.

Robert J. Marsters, who is a keen reader has always been fascinated by fantasy and science fiction. He will be attending the Fantasycon 2017 and will share his thoughts, opinions and ideas alongside a talk on his writing.

To know more about the event visit:

Event Address: 
The Bull Hotel, Peterborough

30 Sep 11:00

Join Richard Valanga, author of 'Complex Hell', at Fullwell Library on Saturday 30th September. Richard will be talking about the creation of his book and signing copies. 

Don't forget to also catch Richard at the Sunderland Library Literature Festival on the 31st October. 


It’s present-day Sunderland and a mysterious manuscript is discovered in the house of an evil spirit, leading the unfortunate reader to a tale of the sixties in North East England; where not everything is not quite as it seems. Forbidden love, loss and a lifetime of pure evil lie in store for whoever dares turn the ageing pages further. In Devils Wood House the memory of the missing girl, Rose, waits desperately. Unfortunately for her time is not on her side. Can her soul be saved or will the child be lost forever?

“Richard Valanga writes about the Afterlife like nobody else today. He's the 21st-century Dante of the North.” – Tony Barrell, The Sunday Times

Event Address: 
Dene Lane, Fulwell, Sunderland, SR6 8EH

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