The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee book cover

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee’, penned by Ig Oliver was featured in a magazine. My Local Pinner News February Issue contains a story about the children’s book.

Magical adventure tells the tale of Butterfly Bee Lady and her daughter.

Manumission book cover

The international author of ‘Manumission’, E. R. Harding was interviewed by a website recently in which she expressed that even though she has written a novel she doesn’t feel like a writer, she said “I don't consider myself a writer, and I’m not sure I ever will”.

I Don’t Hate Me Anymore book cover

Allison Rose Clark’s book is “informative and heartfelt”, says the latest review of the book on Lovely Loveday. ‘I Don’t Hate Me Anymore’ also has a “tone letting you know that other people felt the same way that you do”.

The book goes deep into human psychology and tries to repair damaged self-esteem with the help of tools and encouraging words.

A Sorry Affair book cover

“…characters felt as though they were real people who could be anyone, anywhere…” these are the words of praise for Kristen Nairn’s novel ‘A Sorry Affair’.

Stephen Bloy's books

Damned Without Cause, John’s Promise, Hidden Truth and Searching For Walter receive rave reviews from readers on various platforms. Stephen Bloy’s books have captured the imagination of the fans and they say that books deserve “six stars”.

The Smallest Show on Earth book cover

The West Suffolk NHS Retirement Fellowship at the Horringer Community Centre hosted Patrick Church for a book signing. Everyone in attendance was able to participate in the talk afterwards about the international author’s autobiography ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’.

Precious Allen

Precious Allen - the author of ‘Love YOU for YOU!’- was at the Radio One Chicago studios for an interview in early February. The author is a firm believer in global citizenship and raises her voice for human rights wherever she can make a difference. The radio station spoke to her about her work and why she felt prompted to write the book.

Love YOU for YOU! book cover

Preventing suicide amongst young children and building their self-esteem was the topic of discussion when the author of ‘Love YOU for YOU!’ spoke with Blog Talk Radio as part of their podcast with family AAU talk.

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee book cover

Ig Oliver the author of ‘The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee’, visited BBC Radio Derby and spoke about his book with the host of the show, Sally Pepper. They talked at length about this beautiful story for children.

The subject of discussion was the daughter of the Butterfly Bee Lady.

Azarias Tor: The History Maker book cover

NeConnected published an article about the brilliant book by Richard Abbott-Brailey, calling the book “cryptic and intriguing”.

Richard has been living in the north-east area since 1993. He has worked for the Newcastle’s Theater Royal in different capacities. He has always had the desire to write. The subject that he wanted to write about was time travel, his fascination with the concept started with the popular BBC TV show Doctor Who.

They said I was Misguided book cover

Evan Bloom’s heartfelt autobiography ‘They Said I Was Misguided’ was promoted on the “Weekend Warmup” by the host of the show, Stewart Bailey.

The show aired on CRMK Radio (Radio Milton Keynes) in early February.

The Azarias Tor Austin Macauley

Azarias Tor: The History Maker’ was the subject of an article on the Watford Observer Newspaper. The author spoke to the newspaper and discussed his fascination with time travel and the desire to write a book.

The protagonist is Azarias Tor, a man that has been broken and bloodied by life. He has lost the love of his life, yet he continues his mission to save the future for everyone around him.

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