Local Author Sarah Earl Appears in the Gympie Times

Local Author Sarah Earl Appears in the Gympie Times

Sarah Earl, author of 'The Rise of Darkness', has featured in The Gympie Times discussing the creation of her first novel. 'The Rise of Darkness' is the first in a series so expect more from the budding author. To find out more about Sarah click here and you can find the full article.

For centuries, the Chroniclers have been the keepers of knowledge, history, and tradition. Living and working in the various Havens around the world, the Chroniclers are protected by the Guardians, warriors sworn to shield them from harm.

Kess Grayson is a Chronicler, like her mother before her, but she knows there is more to her than just curating dry and dusty books and learning facts and figures. She feels it. Crossing the social divide between her kind and the Guardians may get her into trouble but Kess knows it's important that she does it anyway.

And she is right to, because old and soulless forces are massing to bring down the Havens, there may be traitors in their midst, and her own unique and impossible bloodline could be the key to uniting everyone on the side of light and saving countless lives. 

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