World Poetry Day – Poetry needs the right audience

World Poetry Day

T. S. Elliot said that “Poetry can communicate before it is understood”, what he meant is that the beautiful rhymes and poetic expression can speak of the emotion filled in them before the reader has even comprehended the complete meaning of the stanzas. That is the power that poetry holds and on this World Poetry Day, we need to realize that power and make efforts to ensure that poetry finds its way to the audience that desires it.

World Poetry Day 2018

Being an independent publisher, we have helped many powerful verses find their way to the audiences that they were meant for and we believe that World Poetry Day 2018 should send the message that this beautiful art of expression is still alive and well and not just confined to songs and music.

History of the Day

UNESCO gave recognition to poetry movements around the world and designated March 21 as World Poetry Day in 1999.

They day has been celebrated in one form or the other before that. Some countries still celebrate the day in October, keeping to the old traditions, on the birthday of the great poet Virgil. But internationally, many countries have adopted the new date to celebrate poets of past and present.

World Poetry Day 2018

Finding the Audience

The American poet Walt Whitman said that “to have great poets, there must be great audiences”. There are many great poets who wouldn’t be where they got if someone hadn’t given recognition to their work.

It is true that the poetry needs an audience but it also needs a channel that will deliver it to the said audience.

That is where we come in.

A quick glance at our poetry section will be enough to show you that we have a wide range of poetry books with varying subject matters.

If you want to express yourself in this format and are ready to find your audience, then Austin Macauley can help you.

You can get more information by visiting our Submissions page or by watching the video below:

Stanza Extravaganza

We are currently running a competition for all budding and experienced poets out there.

All you have to do is write a poem of 60 words or less, post it online, tag us in the post and use #StanzaExtravaganza2018 and #AustinMacauley, and you will have the chance to be featured on our blog and social media profiles.

Stanza Extravaganza

Keep expressing yourself and find the words that hold meaning for you and your readers and never be afraid to let your emotions come out as rhymes.

Heed Robert Frost’s words “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”.

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