A. D. Barr

A. D.

After obtaining a degree in Physics, Andrew Barr spent three years in Ionospheric Physics research and a short time in the North Sea oil industry before joining a defence electronics company. Following early retirement, he turned his attention to writing. He enjoys cryptic crosswords, mind puzzles and messing about in boats.

Author's books

The Gemini Link


It is the year 2143. Over thirty years ago, four year old Philip Macefield barely survived a terrible accident and escaped with disfiguring burns. Bullied and taunted for most of his childhood, he makes one friend in Frank Lipson. Now, Philip is the Representative for the United Kingdom on the General Assembly in a one world, one government system run by the corrupt Staal. His biggest secret is about to come back to haunt him: his involvement in the starship Gemini. All the public know is that...

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