Evan Bloom


Evan Bloom is a British author with a professional background in the language industry. Having spent most of his life in London, he currently resides in France with his partner. Evan wrote this book based on his experiences growing up homosexual in an orthodox Jewish environment.

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They Said I Was Misguided
by Maria
What a compelling read! I was totally engrossed reading it whenever I could, you cannot help but to sympathise and empathise with Evan. Knowing that this is an autobiographical account and not just a...


The struggle to find your identity while growing up is a common experience for us all. Now, imagine that you belong to an orthodox religious community and you are gay - so your sexual identity is entirely at odds with your environment. What would you do to find acceptance? This memoir follows the very personal and lonely struggle of a young man forced to deal with this very scenario, with dramatic and moving consequences for his family, friends and most importantly, himself.

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They said I was Misguided book cover

‘They Said I Was Misguided’ promoted on “Weekend Warmup” Radio Show

Evan Bloom’s heartfelt autobiography ‘They Said I W

They said I was Misguided book cover

‘They said I was Misguided’ receives brilliant 5 star reviews

The book, ‘They said I was Misguided’, by the British author,

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