M.E Ellington


Martyn was born in the North of England where he still lives with his family. He's always had a love of all things Sci-fi and horror, from the early shows such as The Outer-Limits and The Twilight Zone, through to more modern classics such as the X-Files, and of course The Walking Dead.

Author's books

The Martialis Incident


Take a deep breath. You have three minutes to live.   As the first manned spaceship to Mars successfully departs from Earth in September 2021, only a small group of people know the real reason for the mission. With the new propulsion system rushed through its development, Steve David, a project specialist, confides his fears to his colleague Jacob. The chain of events that begins to unfold two years later changes the lives of all of those involved and sees a small group of people racing...

Author's News

The Martialis Incident book cover

Discover the Heart-pounding action in ‘The Martialis Incident’

The sci-fi thriller ‘The Martialis Incident’ was featured on the Book of the Month Club website.

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