Christian Marasek


Christian Marasek was born in Austria, but spent most of his early life in South Africa where he started a family of his own before he moved to the UK. Although being in the corporate and financial world most of his life, his passion always remained for writing and finally after many years, he decided to make the confident decision to publish his first book, The Phillium Stones.

Author's books

The Phillium Stones
by Carla
The story is intriguing from beginning to end. Characters are wonderfully described and the plot if full of exciting twists, great read!


A mighty rock, shattering on its collision with the earth, creates the Phillium Stones which are capable of bending and absorbing both time and matter. And with this phenomenon comes the birth of the Mages, those who sought to learn and master this untapped power through three major sciences: Dimensional travel, Transmorphysis and Energy manipulation. It has been a hundred years since the Mage Wars and now an uneasy truce exists between the Empire to the north and its smaller rival, the...

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