Gemma J. Weir

Gemma J.

Gemma J. Weir, Northern Irish-born author, currently lives in Belfast with her husband, her two girls and her two step-sons. Born in 1983, Gemma grew up in a small village called Millisle on the County Down coastline. The Northern Irish scenery and landscapes, along with her young children, have been the inspiration for her writing. As a single mother, Gemma would take her children on country walks, all wrapped up in coats and Wellington boots; on such a walk one day, the Hoblins were born. Enjoying the magic and mystery her small children saw in everyday life, Gemma indulged their fantasy with elaborate tales of mythical creatures, helping them to create a new world of intrigue, far from reality. Later, upon marrying her husband Jim, Gemma and her daughters moved from the sea side village to the city of Belfast, where she finished her first book at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and where they all lived happily ever after... in chaos.  

Author's books

Harriet and the Hoblins
Gemma J. 
by Laura Sarjeant
I was kindly sent this book by Austin Macauley in exchange of an honest review. This book is about a 13 year old girl who is packed off to summer camp so her parents can go on a couple retreat.


Harriet, a quirky, nature-loving teenage misfit with attitude and an aversion to personal hygiene, is sent off to the Mourne Mountain Summer Camp for what proves to be a highly eventful week!Slipping out for a late night stroll in the nearby woods, she becomes aware that something more than she bargained for is lurking in the trees. A series of hilarious misadventures by day and heart racing discoveries by night, make this a trip that Harriet will never forget!

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